Sunday 14 July 2013

Short story extract - The Other Me

I haven't had time to write much this week. However, I've just signed on to read some entries at Julia's Place and at the eleventh hour I realise I can enter. I read her prompt for the 100-word challenge for grown-ups (100WCGU) and part of a story I am working catapulted to the front of my brain. The prompt is heat and here is the extract from my work-in-progress. Its working title is The Other Me.

My favourite part of losing my virginity was the heat. I’d never felt so warm and cosy before, but the heat of having Daniel lying on top of me, rubbing me, pressing himself into me, it just felt so… human, so warm. We were two pink lobsters, interlocking claws, growing redder by the minute and I just loved that hot, sweaty feeling. Afterwards, we got under my duvet and tried to stay as close as possible, but he wasn’t on top of me anymore, so it wasn’t as warm. He laid his head near mine, sideways on as I stayed on my back feeling his heat drain away, wanting to always get into bed and feel like that. 

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