Friday 22 February 2013

The Medicine - Flash Fiction

The prompt, as ever, comes from Julia's Place and the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Go to her website for links to other entries. This week we had to include what does it taste like?

The Medicine

The car flew off the track and Daniel sighed. Charlie always won. Maybe he would know about The Medicine, too.
“Charlie, do you have medicine?”
“Like, everyday medicine. That’s yours.”
Charlie placed Daniel’s car on the track. “Mum gives me medicine if I’m ill.”
Daniel frowned. “But I’m not ill, am I?”
“I don’t get what you mean.”
“Mum keeps shouting about me having a taste of my own medicine.”
“Really? Wow. What’s it taste like?”
“Don’t know. I haven’t had it yet. I was wondering if you had some to try.”
Charlie shook his head. “Sorry Daniel. But if Mum gets me some Charlie Medicine, I’ll tell you. Another race?”

Prompt + 107 words

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Targets - A Short Story


She answered in four rings. Nearly. Under five. Just. Company policy. Tick.  
“Good afternoon, you’re talking to Sian. How can I help you today?”
“Help me? You people do anything but…”
Angry words bounced around her headphones. Sian decided she would try and make lamb. Pete loved lamb. He might forget about the rumours going round. Working together, it was bound to happen.
“… so I’m closing all my accounts. ALL OF THEM! Put me through to your supervisor. RIGHT NOW.”
“With pleasure, Sir. Hold one moment, please.” Click. Sigh. Click. “Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot! Thank you for calling today!”
Lamb. Lamb with what?

This short story was prompted by the 100-word Challenges at Julia's Place. You can check out more entries here.
This week we had to include Oh my goodness, I nearly forgot!

Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Blue

The Blue

The swell inched her further away, another half metre.
“They’re coming back,” I whispered.
She closed her eyes. “No…” Her voice rippled across time, right back to the beginning.
I kicked towards her, tried to reach out. Another swell broke us apart.
She looked at me; peaceful, intelligent, like a whale telling a story with its eyes: you know. Yes. I know you want to go, into this blue, your favourite colour. But please try… stay!
“Bye my love…”
As she dipped beneath the surface, she left not a trace of who she was, of ever being there with me.

Another 100-word short story from the prompt at Julia's Place: Check out other efforts on the website. This week we had to include 'beneath the surface'.