Tuesday 2 July 2013

Flash fiction - Company Getaway

I absolutely love the prompt at Julia's Place this week! Happy writing! It is this photo:

Company getaway

Walter smiled, but he felt stupid.
How had he missed the email? Well, he had been busy. The council was increasing his team; he’d had new recruits to train. It wasn’t like the old days where you stayed in the same place for years. These days he liaised with the posties, the wheelies and the doggies. You had to keep up.
Of course, they still liked to mock the newbies and their dress code. But Walter was a traditionalist and kept his team to grey or black.
So he didn’t mind them having a laugh at their annual beach party. He just wished he didn’t look so rubbish. 

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  1. Corporate politics is one of the reasons I'm glad I work nights. As long as I do my job, nobody messes with me.


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