Wednesday 17 July 2013

Flash fiction - The Escape

The Escape

I’ve noticed some things that happen in England when it gets hot. Everyone gets outside and goes a bit red. People fire up their BBQs and eat overcooked meat. Men start to order drinks with fruit in which they would otherwise balk at. And some people book holidays to Scotland where it’s suitably cool.
I just wanted to get out and get in on the summer action. We’ve all been cooped up during the never ending winter. And then she wanted to make a boiled egg salad! Are you joking? Being boiled? In this heat?

Give me sun and let me fry! 

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  1. This gave me a good little laugh. People hardly ever want what the weather is serving up, right? Tough stuff!
    My response to HEAT:

  2. "Give me sun and let me fry" I loved it!


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