Sunday 28 July 2013

Flash fiction - The Moment

I think I'm just in time for this weekend's Trifecta Challenge: a 33-word piece that has a colour in it. Click on the Trifecta icon below to read more challenge entries and, more importantly, vote! Good luck everyone.

The Moment 

Plitvice National Park, Croatia
Delicate yellows hit the cyan waters, conjuring ripples of light across to the mossy emerald rocks. She inhales the morning’s sweet air and reads the water’s stories, its emerald lines reaching across eternity. 


  1. This is lovely. It's like a description of a painting.

    1. Thanks Draug. If you've ever been to that national park, or get to go, you'll feel like you're walking through a painting, it's stunning.

  2. Your words, like the photo, depict a beautiful scene.

  3. Many thanks Janna for the read and comment. I was on your blog yesterday. I love your ABOUT page!


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