Tuesday 28 May 2013

You don't know what you've got...

... until it's gone. Ah, the power of hindsight. Does it always lead to regret? I hope not.

My husband and I are not living where we would like to be right now. We're waiting - for that chance, a move, a decision that works in our favour, an opportunity to grab and run away with, a new place, a new start. We've been waiting for a while. It's hard. We are impatient to live our own lives, do our own things, make our own choices, and our own mistakes.

We are living in Norfolk, in the town I grew up. It was an idyllic childhood, full of playing on the beach and in fields; long bike rides, lots of sport, camping. I would sit on the cliff top with friends, eating chocolate and gossipping until it was time to go home. No one worried about us. We would always be home.

You only notice these things when you live away, in big, bad cities around the world. But then those bustling places have also shown you theatre, music, food, the buzz and spontaneity of the city. You've learnt to be free and anonymous and go where the night takes you; you've also learnt to keep an eye out.

But wherever I've lived, I've learnt to appreciate what it gives me: The warm people of Liverpool; the sea outside my flat in Hunstanton; the natural beauty of Iguazu Falls in Brazil, the endless incredible sunsets and sunrises on the road; the ' buena onda'* in Buenos Aires; the choice in London. That's not to say that Liverpool, Hunstanton, Brazil, the road, Buenos Aires and London don't all have their disadvantages - they do - but you have to see the positive; see the adventure.

That's why over the last couple of weeks, Martín and I have been capturing moments that we know we wouldn't be able to have were it not for the fact we are currently living here. Knowing that, it's going to make hindsight all the more sweeter. Here are a few I wanted to share:

Having time to play with my camera

Taking a walk on North Norfolk's most stunning beach

Birthday parties with the dog

Late spring walks in the woods 

Old friends, same place

Bike rides along the routes of my youth

Cooking competitions

Making my parents do random things like Eater Egg Hunts
* 'Buena Onda' is a phrase in Argentina that embodies positive energy, good vibes and fun.  

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