Tuesday 7 May 2013

Working Late

I've gone for a little poem this week, on the prompt from Julia's Place and the 100-word Challenge for Grown-Ups. Click on the image below for more information and to read others' take on the prompt. This week we had to include ...parting is such sweet sorrow...

Working Late

Lights dimmed, hoovers on
It’s now time to go,
But he’s still here and boss has gone
So it’s not for work I know.

I move things around my desk,
The cleaner watches me.
He hears me tidying my mess,
Tries to pack up slowly.

He’s timed it wrong so stays
By the lift tying his shoe.
I grab my bag, sway his way
Finally: it’s us two.

“Out tonight?” he dares.
I smile, shake my head.
“Are you going anywhere?”
“Nah, home and early bed.”

Lift opens, it’s over;
The game waits until tomorrow.
He goes – my not-yet lover;
Parting is such sweet sorrow. 

100 words + prompt


  1. This reminds me of Love Actually - the ones that never do quite get together. I hope the two in this piece sort themselves out soon!

  2. A silent promise ooo!

  3. Sweet and yet sad all at once.

  4. Thanks for the reads and the comments! Hopefully they'll sort it out soon!

  5. Lots of hope and expectations in this poem, great writing.


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