Wednesday 29 May 2013

Flash Fiction - Inheritance


The ice clinks. Jocelyne Farrow-Montague swallows her gin and looks at us frostily. My mother-in-law will announce her death and our freedom. Finally! We have prepared looks of shock and sadness.
“Another, Richard,” she orders. Oh, she plays the dying old lady well. Richard runs off; I smile sympathetically.
“So, your test Mother?”
“I have the results.” She takes a sip, eyes closed.
But wait. The lines around her mouth are twitching. Her colour has returned! How could we not notice? There’s always a sting in the tail with this woman, she was supposed to –
“I’m in remission, Darlings.”

We sit, shocked and despondent, trying to smile. 
100 words + prompt

You can find the prompt we had to include and other 100-word stories at Julia's Place. Click here.


  1. I need to practice swallowing my gin and looking at people frostily. Love the visual.

  2. Totally! Haha - thanks for the read and comment.

  3. Now that really is a sting in the tail. I love her name.

  4. Thanks Sally... I won't divulge who she is based on!
    Thanks for the read,

  5. I enjoyed this, all too true I imagine...

  6. Nicely played - loved the last line especially!


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