Wednesday 15 January 2014

Flash fiction - Rescued

Finally! Some time to write 100 words for Julia's Place and the 100WCGU. It's a wintry prompt over there this week as the UK needs some warming up (saying that, Luxembourg does do). We had to include ... tea, coffee, hot chocolate or... in 105 words. Here's my story:


I think I was breathing. It hurt, my body catching up with the change in temperature. Lights, red faces, hats and scarves and wool everywhere. They sat me down, unlaced my boots. My feet dislodged; my toes stubborn and black. I was too cold to shiver.
“How long you think he’s been out there?” Hands shed the layers of ice on me. I sat numb to my hours lost in darkness.
“What shall I get him? Tea, coffee, hot chocolate or…”
Blood rushed to my heart, pumping; I raised a hand. Silence. Faces craned. “Yes?”

Through a snowdrift in my throat: “Whisky. No ice.” 

Click on the link to read other entries or have a go yourself. I'm off for a cuppa... 


  1. Ah liquid warmth...that should help thaw him out :)

  2. Whiskey would possible finish him off! Great take on the prompt :-)

  3. I would have chosen whisky too! Great job!


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