Friday 31 January 2014

Flash fiction - Life's Crescendo

Writing prompts take you in all manner of directions. What appears to be a happy prompt by the prompter can be cut into sad little pieces. Or a mysterious line for some turns into a romantic comedy for others. This week over at Julia's Place, I went in the opposite direction to what prompted the prompt by Julia. Here's my offering including the words, whenever I hear it I think of you

Life’s Crescendo

Those last days, you clawed onto life. Rasping through an unimaginable pain, your skin translucent I didn’t know where the sheets ended and you began. You, shrunken to something else. Gone. Broken-hearted, that was all I could see afterwards. I stood on our cliff, looked out into nothingness. Inched forward. 
     But the bandstand threw me a life-line. Those notes, the interruption of the trumpets like a shock to the heart. The crescendos made me look up, into the blue, the light. I stepped back, let the wind and your music carry me back to life. Now, whenever I hear it I think of you and I see sunshine. 
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