Friday 9 August 2013

Snapshot: Life

There is a moment when you realise the permanent change in your life that has befallen you. It doesn't fly in on the wings of a grand bird; it is smaller and more unassuming. But that moment is there: in the greetings of recognition from the grocer; in the new, colourful card in your wallet; in the walk of your neighbourhood; in (dare I say it) the local bike app. 

When things change you need cornerstones. Simple, regular, beautiful things. They lead you to the moment when it isn't change any more. It isn't different.

It's your life. 

With wine while watching Dirty Dancing at the Open Cinema
in front of the palace.

Weekend brunch: Scottish salmon, local veggies and eggs
and German white pudding. Heart of Europe.

Cooking lasagne for friends.

Moments on the wall. Got to be surrounded by
happy people. 

The view from our new house as we wait for the
estate agent to arrive and show us around, Wasserbillig.

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