Wednesday 15 May 2013

Flash Fiction - Summer Heat

This week, the prompt is the photo below.

Summer Heat

I never returned. That’s why the dream is so special. I wake up smiling because we’re together and happy again; if only for moments of my dream.
   The picnic was for Mummy’s birthday and the heavy summer heat followed us to the lake. We were desperate to get in. 
   “After lunch, girls, after lunch,” Mummy said.
   We wolfed down our sandwiches and crisps and stepped in.
   The cool water slipped over our lobster-like skin and made us giggly. We kicked and splashed. We dived and laughed. We paddled too far, too far.
   In my dream, Katie can swim. 

99 words, excluding title. 

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  1. This is real?
    If so, I am sorry.

  2. No it's not real. Pure fiction.
    Thanks for stopping by and the read!

  3. That brought a lump to my throat. Well done.

  4. Oh so sad. Really felt like crying even though I knew the ending.


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