Friday 22 February 2013

The Medicine - Flash Fiction

The prompt, as ever, comes from Julia's Place and the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups. Go to her website for links to other entries. This week we had to include what does it taste like?

The Medicine

The car flew off the track and Daniel sighed. Charlie always won. Maybe he would know about The Medicine, too.
“Charlie, do you have medicine?”
“Like, everyday medicine. That’s yours.”
Charlie placed Daniel’s car on the track. “Mum gives me medicine if I’m ill.”
Daniel frowned. “But I’m not ill, am I?”
“I don’t get what you mean.”
“Mum keeps shouting about me having a taste of my own medicine.”
“Really? Wow. What’s it taste like?”
“Don’t know. I haven’t had it yet. I was wondering if you had some to try.”
Charlie shook his head. “Sorry Daniel. But if Mum gets me some Charlie Medicine, I’ll tell you. Another race?”

Prompt + 107 words

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