Wednesday 6 February 2013

The Blue

The Blue

The swell inched her further away, another half metre.
“They’re coming back,” I whispered.
She closed her eyes. “No…” Her voice rippled across time, right back to the beginning.
I kicked towards her, tried to reach out. Another swell broke us apart.
She looked at me; peaceful, intelligent, like a whale telling a story with its eyes: you know. Yes. I know you want to go, into this blue, your favourite colour. But please try… stay!
“Bye my love…”
As she dipped beneath the surface, she left not a trace of who she was, of ever being there with me.

Another 100-word short story from the prompt at Julia's Place: Check out other efforts on the website. This week we had to include 'beneath the surface'. 


  1. That's beautiful and so sad... I've heard that drowning is a peaceful way to go and you've captured that, and the narrator's pain at her choice, so well. Great use of the prompt.

    1. I was thinking about the film and true story Open Water. Then those 100 words wrote themselves.
      Thanks for the read, glad you liked it.

  2. this one is the best i came across in 100 WCGU archieve :)

    would u plzz care to check my short story?


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