Friday 24 January 2014

Flash fiction - Joined in Holy Matrimony

This week over at Julia's Place the prompt is a good one: ... it was just a sea of faces ... I'm not sure where this story came from at the start, but let me know what you think. Click on the 100WCGU icon to read more takes on the prompt or have a go yourself.

Joined in Holy Matrimony

Standing in front of so-called friends and family, she glanced back. She felt nothing, just the desire to run. To her, it was just a sea of faces and they didn’t matter. Except one. The one who was going to shout out, to save her, to embarrass her briefly and hide her away. And then give her all the happiness he owned. 
The priest continued, mentioned something about God’s work in bringing them together. She stifled a laugh. The man next to her, a rock, eyes down.  
The priest asked the question. Silence. 
Her heart burst. This was it. Say it! 
She turned around.
He was gone.
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  1. Awe man...She should have taken her chance when she had it. Sad! I love your take on this prompt!

    1. Thanks Lea! You're right,sometimes the dramatic exits just don't work out the way we plan, hey? Thanks for reading!


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