Saturday 21 September 2013

Perfectly Me - approach-approach conflict in poetry

This week over at Prompts for the Promptless there's a conflict on the horizon. But don't worry, it's a one of those comforting conflicts where everything will turn our happily ever after. We think.

We are told:
Approach-approach conflict is the psychological conflict that results when a choice must be made between two desirable alternatives.

I've tried some poetry this week. It just spurted out. No conflict there, then. But I hope it captures the prompt.

Perfectly Me

Should I stay or should I go?
I don't know.

Staying is yellow and moonlit and beautifully strange.
Going is rusty adventures in daylight orange.
Staying is knowing, turning well-worn pages.
Going is jumping, leaping across new stages.

Staying is finding more.
Going is finding out.
Staying is being sure.
Going is wondering about.

Is it all or nothing or neither or both?
Is my decision final, or mirrors and smoke?

When I am happy as I am right now,
How can I walk away?
Yet over the fence is another rainbow
And more freedom to play.

Two halves of two wholes
That fit together perfectly.
All I must decide, or not,
Is which half is perfectly me. 

Check out other offerings over at The Queen Creative this week. Go. Or stay. Either way is OK.


  1. I love it! :) My favorite stanza is "Is it all or nothing or neither or both? / Is my decision final, or mirrors and smoke?" -something about the cadence there was quite striking!!

    Thanks for your participation in the prompts! I hope it's sending a few friends your way. :D

    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying the prompts, something different to get your head around :-)

  2. Love the first four stanzas; not so sure abut the last two.

  3. I really liked 'going is finding out'. Hope to do that...

    1. Curiosity takes us to magical places. I hope you get there, happily.

      I just found one of your blogs, loved the post about being make-up free! (Or not) !



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