Wednesday 17 April 2013

100WCGU - Bummed

This flash fiction was brought to you by this picture prompt. Click on the photo to go and read more stories at Julia's Place. Comments welcome below!

“We admire your enthusiasm, David.”
“Thanks. I love this place. Grandpa was curator before the war, and Mum worked in fundraising before she had me. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity.”
“Ah, how long for?”
“Ages. But I been taking courses.”
“And visiting us of course.”
“Yes. Practising my photos and drawings. I got a photo on your website.”
“Indeed. Well, decision time. I’m sorry, but I think it’s a no.”
“Oh. Why?”
“Perhaps when a ticket selling job comes up you could apply, but after last month’s little mishap, I don’t think museum cleaner is for you.”
99 words, including title


  1. caught in the act? if tears were wishes we'd all have riches! a good angle on the photo, for certain! :)

  2. Or anything else involving breakable goods!

  3. Too true!

    Many thanks to you both for reading and commenting.



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