Thursday 25 October 2012

The elective

“There’s nothing quite like it,” she told the class, minds already wandering outside to the school field, basking in the early September sun. “We will spend autumn reading and learning about the great thinkers in history, we will debate and muse over their philosophies and how they changed the world. You will discuss your thoughts and ideas. You chose this course, remember, and as the nights draw in, you will have an excuse to stay in and read these great works. Excited?” Silence. “And winter will bring your final exam. Marked by me.” Twenty eight faces slowly turned her way.

Today I found a great blog with a weekly 100-word writing challenge. Julia's place shares links to people's entries and connects writers using the same prompt, but with very different results. If you've got an imagination and 100 words in you, have a go. In the above challenge we had to include the words And winter will bring .


  1. Sad reality of teaching. Remember that from my day teahcing at university.

  2. A good teacher conveys the thrill of their subject. Sadly there are not that many of them around. And the students have so many distractions these days...
    A thoughtful way to go.


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