Thursday 20 November 2014

Haikus - Dandelions

In the early morning when my baby just wants to play by himself and laugh at the fact his hands are attached to him and can find things, I sit half asleep and write some lines for the writers' posse over at Studio 30 Plus. Ideas pour, but I am tired, so I will just leave these two poems, using one of the prompts this week: dandelions. View more by others by clicking on the icon below. Thanks for reading.


They stand poised but burnt,
Like old dandelions, war
Scarred in a new world.


A summer moon hangs
On fields of dandelions
Where no one has stepped.


  1. There is a sad beauty to both of these haikus. Nicely done.

  2. You paint interesting pictures with your words. Nice.

  3. Love it! Short and sweet and rich. It's like a shot of espresso.

  4. Both poems complimented each other and while one was weary the other was hopeful..the untrodden road offering a new way.

    Laura, I love that you are writing for us and sharing all the news about your son too.


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