Wednesday 24 April 2013

100-word story: Oblivion

Ryan kept fidgeting. There was still an hour to go. The queue was so long James didn’t see how it could be worth it. They got glimpses of it; heard the immortal words, “Don’t. Look. Down.” James wondered if it was the man on Jackson’s Thriller.
“Dad, wouldn’t it be amazing to be on the front? We should try! Let others pass to get the front.”
Later: “Dad, we have to leave our shoes! Brilliant!”
“Totally, Ryan.”
After their ride of 9 seconds, a free-falling into the dark, Ryan looked at his dad.
“Dad, wow, that was amazing! Want to go again?”
“Hell yeah!”

This story was brought to you from the prompt at Julia's Place. We had to include ...the queue was so long... 
100 words + prompt

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