Sunday 24 March 2013

Bridge Jump - A 100-word story

Water crushing me. Bubbles brewing around my face. Limp seat belt floating, but me, stuck.
This is what dying is like. Musky green darkness, light fading while sinking to the bottom of the world.
Silence. Slow motion and yet… I wanted to live. I had to. Frantically pulling, yanking, trying not breathe, kicking and then…
Freedom. Pale blue sky overhead. Shouts, flashing lights. A boat and blanket, grey and warm.

I woke to machines beeping. Despite the pounding in my head and heart, I could hear him yelling at me it was over. I hadn't been alone in the car.  

This was prompted by Julia's Place last week. I had started it, but never got around to finishing and posting there. But I like it, so here it is here. I had to include the words 'despite the pounding in me head'. 

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